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Graham Bond

I grew up in different parts of Australia and my years of study in Ceramics during the 1970’s was a mix of Japanese-influenced functional (Bernard Leach-Shoji Hamada) and the boundary-breaking freedom of ceramic artists like Robert Arneson.

In the “studio” tradition of the time, I trained in wheel-throwing and loved the Japanese (Bizen and Raku) approach to firing clay where fire, smoke, clay and ash make natural and spontaneous combinations. For this I participated in three-day stokings of a wood-fired kiln that lay on a hillside like a fiery dragon and I apprenticed with the foremost raku potter in Australia – the late Joan Campbell - who had just won the International Ceramic Award at the Venice Biennale.

My love of exploring new horizons lead to further study at Prahran College, in Melbourne, where I dove into the low-fire world of brightly colored glazes, on-glaze enamels, lusters and slip-casting - producing more whimsical work, such as clay clowns, slip-cast teapots and bowls with parrot-feet.

Experience in these diverse areas of ceramics led me to teach at Perth College and then at Caulfield Institute of Technology in Melbourne, while exhibiting at Distelfink Gallery, Melbourne.
During that time, my love of creating outer forms with soul merged with the study and practice Yoga and meditation - which became the heart that enlivens everything I do.

I currently have a studio in the leaf-and-lake-drenched Catskill Mountains not far from New York City, and live to marvel at the mysterious force of awareness that pulses as the fluid formlessness of clay and mind. There is continuous delight in watching the fire of intention and vision congeal this formlessness into forms that both serve and remind us of the infinity and magnificence which is our true nature.

I am available for commissioned ceramic pieces and to teach in the areas of hi-fire and low-fire, raku, mold-making, wheel-throwing, hand-building, on-glaze enamels and slip casting. My ceramic work is fired using power generated by the wind.

Phone 1-845-807-8282
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